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About Velocity Capital Group

We aim to empower small business owners across the U.S by providing them with access to capital funding whenever they need it. Our same-day screening and funding process has been crucial for our clients that are looking to expand, fix a business problem, or need capital to keep their business afloat as they wait for receivables. 

Through our leading business cash advance (also known as Merchant Cash Advance) and streamlined digital process, we've had the opportunity to fund thousands of small businesses across the U.S. Giving the business owners we work wit to deploy it for their issue or project as soon as a few hours.

What our clients & partners are saying...

Funding Consultations


Business Cash Advance

A near-instant influx of capital.

Available at a moment's notice, our team will walk you through all the funding steps so that your capital is in your account within 24 hours of the request.

 Funding Requirements:

  • 3 Months of Recent Bank Statements

  • Minimum $20,000 in Monthly Revenue

  • 500+ FICO Score

Reverse Consolidations

Pay-off existing advances & get new funding

Simplifying your existing advances through a reverse consolidation and save on your capital! We'll work with your current funders to pay down outstanding balances as you receive new funding through our services at Velocity Capital Group.

Term Length:

4 - 10 Months


Revamp your financing with VCG

Our team can help you pay off existing financing and provide access to new capital for your business. We'll work with your existing funders to settle outstanding balances as you begin receiving new funding through Velocity Capital Group.

Funding Process



Complete our online application

& send us your business documents.


Our team will review your file and reach out with an approval/decline.


Accept our offer and receive funds same-day for use in your business.

Submission Requirements

Getting started is simple, all we ask for is 3 Months of Bank Statements and our Completed Application to get started. 

Required Documents to Submit:

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3 Months Bank Statements
VCG Application.png
Completed Application

Funding Requirements

After our team has reviewed your business, they'll reply with a decline or approval with a funding offer. If you accept, our team requires two more pieces of information to complete your funding request.

In Addition to Submission Requirements:
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Drivers License
(Color Copy)
Voided Check
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Submission & Funding Requirements

Request Funding for Your Business

Submit a direct funding request to us!

Applications take about 15 minutes to complete.

Deals over $100k will require additional documentation.

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Learning Centers

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Medical Companies

Online Businesses

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Rehab Centers

Restaurant / Cafes

Retail Stores

Technology Companies

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Utility Companies



Business Consultants




Fitness Centers

General Contractors

Grocery Stores

*We are not limited to the industries listed above*


Industries we Service

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Same-Day Approvals

Bad Credit? Okay!

Funding up to $1M
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Online Appication

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