Investor Relations

Being a Part of VCG

At Velocity Capital Group, we merge finance with technology so that small businesses can receive quick access to financing when they need it. We focus on providing the best service we can, sustaining and building on our business partnerships, and watching our impact on the world grow from charity.

Why Invest?

We've built a standard in the subprime lending space. Our seasoned team has over 25 years of experience helping small businesses assess and choose their financing options. We're using the latest technology to streamline our data processing functions, cutting the time it takes to Approve and Fund Deals from hours to minutes.

Our Funding Process

Initial Submission & Pre-Approval

​1  File Information is submitted

2 It gets processed

3 Reviewed by the junior underwriter

4 Approval or Decline Given

5 Once offer accepted, contracts sent to the client.

Final Review & Final Funding

6 Once the contract is signed, file goes into a rigorous underwriting process.

Once the head underwriter has given the green light to move on, a funding call is completed to go over final terms and conditions.

To Inquire about an Investment in VCG

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